Anyones view on cannabis?

over reacting?
most important side effects?

It is quick acting. Smoked, the first effects are usually feel within second. The peak follows in minutes and then decline sharply after about forty five minutes, near a ninety minute tail-off.

You feel a common sense of well man and relaxation, giggliness and euphoria. You may also experience introspective dreaminess, increased appreciation of music, sleepiness and time distortion. The effects can be subtle. First time users often detect little or no effect.

Physically, bloodshot eyes and a dry mouth are adjectives symptoms, as well as a slight increase contained by heartbeat and impaired short permanent status memory.

Cannabis increases heart rate but decreases blood pressure, resembling a car varying down a gear,Regular users gain tolerance to this effect.
Cannabis is also famous for stimulating the appetite (especially, it would appear, for Wheat Crunchies and chocolate flavoured milk). These short bursts of extreme hunger are known universally as the 'munchies'.
surrounded by the brain
Cannabis has two powerful busy ingredient - THC and CBD (cannabidiol). Both substances are classed as cannabinoids - they produce psychoactive effects by binding with special receptors which are extraordinarily many all over the brain and body. Your brain make its own cannabinoid - anandamide - which is thought to be involved in stomach-ache sensations, memory regulation and the immune system.

The ratio of these two substances determine the character and strength of the effect. Like fine wines, different strains of cannabis can enjoy their own flavour and complexity, plus their own distinct high.
after effects
Cannabis can bestow you feeling for a time groggy and forgetful but little else. Depending on how much you've smoked and its character and strength, these effects can hang around for hours or days.

enjoy your satisfied days ;-)
good luck and nick care
It's unconscious. From the earth. It's pious. Major side effects include euphoria, the "munchies", general nouns of motivation, and in special cases, an intense desire to compose an epic poem about the greatest burrito ever.
It seem to be relatively innocuous by itself , about on impossible to tell apart level as alcohol, however the reality remains that virtually all those on the stronger drugs started sour on Mary Jane.
weed effects people differently. it make me more focused and productive. not all folks are the same. marijuana doesnt murder people that say-so this are ridiculous weed smokers usually drive slower and more cautious. dont knock it unless you tried it thats what i right to be heard. alchol and perscripion drugs are poison and hurt your body. weed comes from the earth pure as it get and can benifit the world in plentiful ways other than of late smoking it.
Depends on the person and the amount one take. If you can enjoy it short it affecting your work or chores and use it just to relax and chill in a minute and again, there shouldnt be a problem, unless nearby is an underlying medical problem then hash can bring it to the fore.If you are taking it in the past you even start the day after yes - a big problem!! and not only for you but for your children and ethnic group that surround you, who rely on you for support in their lives. When you are stoned darkness and day your go passes by, you become hugely lazy and dont want to finish nothing, it make you become a recluse. I took my first combined when I was 16 and took it hours of darkness and day at times when times be tough and I didnt want to face the world, but I challenge it and thank god, got over it and the just road for me is a straight and sober road as i admit I over used it at times, but never again as I am immediately a happy 42 year old-fashioned happy contained by my life and anyone I know that did embezzle it and dont take it in a minute are far happier in existence and achieve much more within life and are far more respected by their own flesh and blood and friends. Its like the man who take one whiskey and then other drinks the unbroken bottle - you have to resolve! and because of the black market - you only dont know what being put contained by Hash - unless you grow your own. Good luck
AWsome rapper. Canibus just requirements someone to back him up
No biddable points. Addictive, increases depression and schizo-affective disorder risk. All chronic users can expect a degree of brain atrophy = shrinkage. This cause and accelerates dementia.
agree beside dr. frank.

makes not much sense.

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