Are my symptoms of IBS?

What causes IBS? For former times 8 days or so, I've had gurgling within the bowel (lower stomach area), that resembles a mild 'period pain' (it is not my period, by the way). When I intervene urine, I get hugely watery stools that comes away from my stern passage too, near intermittent gas and gurgling. I have no blood or anything 'suspicious' looking. It comes out adjectives splattery and noisy (sorry to nouns so graphic!). What do you regard? I've also been consumption quite profusely of fresh fruit of late, to better my lifestyle (a box of strawberries a year on 3 days in succession). Many thankfulness.

I don't think you own IBS. I think you're only just eating too lots strawberries. I mean, fruit does hold benefits but at the same time, I construe since you're eating so much of it, the fiber contained by it (strawberry seeds are glorious in fiber) is making your stool runny. You know they say aloud you should eat between 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a sunshine but keep surrounded by mind that a serving is generally individual a half a cup. I dunno how various cups of strawberries are in your boxes of strawberries but i'm sure you're probably drinking vegetables with your dinner and perchance lunch too...maybe even undamaged grains similar to popcorn and oatmeal too. All of those foods contain fiber which are good for your digestive system but to an extent. When eat in excess, they can rationale runny stool. So, I suggest you just cut down on the produce and keep hold of it to the 5-9 half cup servings.

Anyway, my sensitive of IBS is that you would get constipated somtimes and other times you obtain diarrhea. So, nothing is ever consistent. You didn't mention that you find constipated too, so I doubt you have IBS.

Btw, you mentioned gas- capably, since fruits, vegetables, and whole grain contain fiber and fiber doesn't digest, it will ferment in your colon and contained by the fermentation process, methane gas is released.
I'm pretty sure it's the fruit. IBS is caused from stress and other factor, but will happen recurrently. Like everytime you have a question paper or something like that.
I don't know anything nearly IBS... BUT... I have have some of the same symptoms! I believe it is just the fruit though.
It does not nouns like IBS.

Follow the relation
No,it is not a IBS. I think you grasp an infection. May be viral infection cause this situation save bacterial infection is the cause. Drink dampen in huge amount and consult with your physician for follow up the psychiatric help.
i think you should consult your local Gp and wish his advice
Hi, I enjoy IBS and find that if I eat deeply of fruit then I receive virtually the same symptoms. I saw my dietitian on Monday and she said to build up on extra fruit slowly - berries are one of the worst fruits for someone next to IBS. If the problem persists afterwards see your GP, if it doesn't it is most likely merely the extra fruit!
I think it is only the fruit to be honest.

I get IBS and movements are never consistant, i catch a tennis ball sized swelling only just under my ribs on the moved out hand side of my body and i go and get extremely tired.

If the symptoms continue after the fruit is long gone later you could always see your doctor if you are still concerned. It's better to be not dangerous than sorry.

I put off going to the doctor for years because of the swelling - i thought i have cancer - i was incredibly surprised when my doctor told me it was IBS!
First past its sell-by date, no one here can speak about you whether you have IBS. You can simply be diagnosed with IBS after everything else have been ruled out (gluten intolerances, sugar intolerances (fructose and lactose), ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, etc.). Basically, when you hold an unknown gastric disorder that is not life span threatening, you are considered to have "IBS."

Second, I have similar symptoms to your for 3 years. At the end of the third year, I stopped anyone able to get through, and lost 70 pounds in the course of a few months. I have seen doctor after doctor, and everyone blew me bad as having "IBS." Finally, I concluded up at the Mayo Clinic, where I took a "fructose breath experiment." Turns out I am actually intolerant to fructose, which is primarily found within fruit.

Because I had be diagnosed with IBS, my doctors told me to munch through lots of natural foods high-ranking in fiber. Unfortunately, intake all of that fruit made me worse over time, and immediately I understand why.

So, step to a doctor, and make sure you seize tested for sugar intolerances (lactose and fructose) and gluten intolerance. These are inexpensive and quick test that can save you lots of misery and agony in the adjectives.

Good luck! Please email with any secondary questions.

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