Am I regular to approaching panties and girls butts?

i feel adjectives of these changes and its unnatural. but i all of a sudden similar to girls butts and their underwear. is this wierd? im in conservatory and cant stop thinking about it! and when i progress home i have to do my private item.

you're a guy. thats normal. hormones raging.
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Did I just type those answers?
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It's just the birds and the bees man.
woa..hah. thx for tha 2 points bud. okay. im sure youre not the ONLY boy that thinks bout that stuff.
at lease your not thinking just about guys butts.
Yeah, it's because you're a guy - every guy I have ever specified has feel the same (except a select few, but it be only cos they feel that way roughly guys butts and guy underwear).
Wow I couldnt pass this one up...My counsel would be to find a girlfriend, then play beside her panties and butt until you get tired and bored near it...haha. GOOD LUCK
ok too much info on the last bit...but it just method your an a*s man.or kid...
I have get to agree with Mike. Can't outdo this one up. As NORMAL As APPLE PIE. Good Luck Man.

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