What clothing can i save on during a tonsillectomy?

sense there not operating on my lower body can i hold my draws on? and if they dont see can i keep some shorts on.. i remember seeing my brother maintain his shorts on under the hospital gown when they put a plate within his arm. can i do the same sence its not a foremost surgery.

You really have zilch to worry something like.
You will undress completely and get into a gown near pants.
The doctors stipulation you without clothes within case of any trouble.
Nothing to be ashamed of.Doctors own seen so heaps people naked-it's not a sexual article.
We all quality more comfy in our clothes but for this small amount of time, you will necessitate to follow hospital policy.
You can always bid the anesthesia dept and ask what their policy is.Explain your concerns and You will get a straight answer.
U can hold on to clothes on!? Maybe I should of asked this question...
You can't hold any clothes on...but you'll be so knocked out, you won't strictness!

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