By sunday, i need to find a flat stomach. How can i do so? i dont care what the likelihood are or what i have to do. ur the experts. present me help.

I honestly dont ruminate it'll happen that immediate. Unless you get surgery. That's something you enjoy to work at for a period of time. Not lately over night. Sorry! :)
Your screwed. Buy a girdle.
Eat as little as possible or stick to fruit and veggies. Then, wrap your stomach beside surran wrap, changing it every 20-25 minutes or so (it'll attain really sweaty by then). Crunches, tightening and relaxing your abs, sucking in while flexing your abs.work those suckers!! Good luck!
Today is Thursday and you expect to earn flat stomach by Sunday? I insist on quit your existing plan and make a strategy to flatten your stomach within 7 days. This way it will be more believable and effective and you won't discern any stress. Besides this there is no course to solve your problems?

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