Are companies that get rid of prescription drugs short prescriptions lawful?

Are companies like Pharmacy Network legal sources of medicine? Has anyone purchased drugs from this site or others similar to it with nouns?

Yes, some are legit. The reason they don't require prescriptions is because the meds they are selling do not require prescriptions contained by THEIR country. I have bought from http://www.4rx.web and for years and have never bee disappointed.
Prescriptions are a U.S. tactic to cause doctors money, and a way to preserve prices up on medications for the foremost drug companies, by calling them "prescription medications". As U.S. citizens we have be brainwashed to think prescription strength routine stronger.
For example, look at Claritin. It stayed "prescription strength" the entire 10 years that no one within the USA could make a generic, but when their 10 year exclusivity run out, it magically became "over the counter" and become cheaper, why? It all comes down to getting more money from Insurance companies. The problem is, inhabitants without insurance suffer! And those next to insurance suffer from higher premiums.
No. If company is offering to provide you presciption drugs without a prescription, it is not legal, and there's a good indiscriminate you will get ripped past its sell-by date.

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