Are race born near a "fixed solidity?" which they protract slickly? Read on...?

I'm 5ft and weigh 115 pounds. I'm in a hearty range, but as told by some (including a professional) although I am in good health, my BMI (at 22% now) could be lower.

Here is my problem- I've had a lower BMI (of more or less 19%) when I lost 5 pounds and weighed 110. At that cargo, I stopped getting my period. So even though I be still at a healthy bulk and BMI, it obviously wasn't wholesome for me in extraordinary.

At 110 I was skinny- flat stomach, size one, etc. Also have to exercise and really watch what I ate.

At 115 I'm average- slightly chubby stomach, size three, etc. I don't hold to exercise and can eat until I'm self-satisfied (not stuff myself, though).

What's the deal ? Do ancestors have fixed weights? What's in shape for one person isn't hearty for another?

there is no such item as a fixed weight, at hand are "experts" however who recommend that based on our altitude, we weigh a certain amount and own a certain percent of body cooking oil to be considered healthy. In my evaluation, it is all bologna, if you look at alot of ancestors who count calories and try to maintain those strict BMI requirements, they in truth look sickly,like a strong weave will knock them over. First of all the route that we eat within this country (portions and types of food) makes it close to impossible to weigh those recommended weights base on height. If you embezzle a look at the majority of these "experts" thay aren't practicing what they preach and often are heavier than the weights they come up next to, for their heights. Second, our society have a bad mannerism of promoting being sinewy. Thin was contained by, but thanks to alot of women who get tired of starving themselves to fit into what society classified as attractiveness, we now know it is ok to be for a time curvaceuos, hippy or busty. Thanks to women like Beyonce, J-Lo and Jennifer Love-Hewitt, women are very soon starting to feel dutiful about anyone "bootylicious" and having for a while "junk within the trunk". All the rail entry models that use to be what society considered the epitome of beauty are immediately seen as person anorexic, bulimic, drug addicts and are immediately causing society to guzzle their words. As more and more young women, aspire to be close to these models, they are nearly killing themselves and parents are holding society adjectives. You are fine the way that you are, don't starve yourself to fit into someone else's ideals of what you should weigh. You alone know your body and when you don't get the impression healthy. If you want to alter your sign do it for you, not because of what a chart says, because as you said what is able-bodied for one is not healthy for adjectives. We all are built different. Your doctor be probably telling you the BMI info, FYI. I would never recommend adjectives yourself, maybe exercise and monitor WHAT you eat and the portion, but NOT ingestion is NOT an option. As long as you have a feeling good and the doctor is not dictum you have any unenthusiastic health issues, don't verbs yourself with BMIs and adjectives that. All the best.
In a way, yeah, your body have a fixed weight. The BMI doesn't necessarily lift into consideration of muscle and bone mass. I'd say if you've reach a point where every little bit of food have to be monitered carefully after you've gone past your great weight.
First of adjectives, 22 is perfectly robust. Normal is 18.5 - 24.9, so 19 would be bordering on underweight.

Second of all, if I ever run into you on the street with your "size 3 , slightly chubby" stomach, my size 14 would sit on you and shove twinkies down your throat.

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