An big quiz that entail to be answered: When you help yourself to a shower, do you ever hose you butt first and?

then, beside the same hotel of soap, wash your frontage? What is the proper order, by body parts, should you rinse out first? What does Emily Post say is the proper procedure (As if I really support what she think)? For some reason, I other start with my filthy *** and next wash my facade. What about you? This is my esteemed question of the daytime.

Chest, arms, back, obverse, privates/butt. Best order to do it within.
i use 2 different washcloths, 1 for my face and 1 for my body. I also use body mop up on my body and soap on my face. That solves that problem.
Sam, darlin, your cross-question sucks raw eggs.
I don't use a shaft of soap. I use a bottle of shower gel, and a separate wash cloth for my bum. Seems close to common sense.
I don't use a shaft of soap, I use shower gel and a different cleanser for my face. No problem for me!
I clear up my butt last beside my bath sponge, after i wash my hip bath sponge.
Ditch the soap as it harbours bacteira, use shower gel and in recent times squirt it all over your body and soap suds up...cant believe you are asking a a dumb *** question in the region of how to shower, are you a baby?!
i use shower gel and two seprate flannels and if i own a bath i use seprate flannels in that too
head to foot, dont forget to change ur soap and any other cleansing textile for the two halfs of ur body, the upper and lower---;-))
Always start from the top and work your way down. Thats how i do it anyway. However i don't wipe my face surrounded by the shower. I wash it after using a facade wash.
Surely you start near your face and hackle and work your way down.
no wonder your frontage looks like a slapped **** afterwards *LOL*

You should always purify face hand first and then progress to the private bits second. I use separate flannels too.
Well I've washed by butt first for the finishing thrity years and I haven't had piles on my obverse yet!

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