How do you get rid of double chins?

i think i have a double chin! lol! but i only want to get rid of that nothing else - any ideas???

You just have the same problem I do...when I put my head down, it looks like I have a double chin, so I always lift my chin up when I get my picture taken. There's nothing I can do about it. It's just the way my skin bunches up when I put my head down.
lose weight and try to get rid of them
Stop eating so much
get one of those fan things and in your spare time slap that double chin as often as you can!
exercise. Stretch your neck and keep opening and closing your jaw
Lose weight, and the double chin will go away, but if its naturally like that, then I don't think you can do anything other than a chin implant/lipo of the chin region.
Quit letting your chin(s) reproduce
try surgery
Well to get rid of double chins, all one has to do is shed a few pounds and then if that doesn't work for the person, then maybe they can look into plastic surgery
Nod more often.

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