Why do some bones hold a while to grow, while some singular cart a few second?

I read that some special bones, which can be found in single 46% of world population, are very sensitive to *******, asses and boobs. Other bones couldn't nurture less.
Which bones merely take a few second to grow?
Which bones take lone a few seconds to grow?

Depends how hot you discern and if the right buttons are pushed.
You are very MUCH misinformed. Bones for the most module is calcium. It take time to generate. I hold NEVER heard of bone generate in second.
lol...u should have posted this surrounded by P&S.!
Bones generate in second!!? Most bones take a while to grow because of cell/ tissue growth...
I hold had a bone stuck within my throat and swallowed bread to clear it. When my girlfriend gets a bone stuck contained by her throat, she just swallows.

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