8 goggles of hose down but how big the chalice have to be?

we need 8 eyeglasses of water but how much is that exactly?
how big the chalice has to be?

Eight ounces. Don't consume over it though. Fruit juice contains dampen too.
I'm going to aggre with Marija on thisone.
8 oz

merely drink anything tho, you will be fine
just one of those high looking glasses surrounded by ur cabinet somewhere but u kno wat is easier if u have a vacate gatorade bottle just stuff it up with wet and have two of those a year which adds up top 64oz and 8 8oz goggles is 64 oz much easier without the hassle
8, 8 ounce eyeglasses is actually the minimum of river you should drink. Other drinks will likely product up for the deficit.
1 cup
8 oz
half a gallon a daylight
unless you live or work in a really hot/humid place after its more
2 gallons in a desert.
Isn't it a litre? (per daylight lol)
good examine :)

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