Am I done beside constipation ?

not being disgusting or anything but yesterday I took some magnesium cirate oral solution and it took me 8 hours to know how to defecate 4 pebbles then a hour subsequently i tried again it came out as the size of a hotlink , right in a minute when i using the bathroom its like really runny does that mean theres a blockage am I no longer constipated.

Keep going Bud. Apparently you're still full of it!
that technique theres nothing else nearby to come out buddy.
LMAO!.That's why they're going to report you loser! Get your own idenity!
Well.. if it is watery afterwards that is a sign that you arent constipated.. but you could draw from sonstipated again real assured.. so take a day after day vitamin.. eat fruits and veggies.. lately get your fiber.. and drink river.. Hope you feel better... constipation is no fun..

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