After i own nightmares i wake up up next to scratch on my body, i cant do them, as oodles as 6 and close together?

the ones i had this morning where on earth on my shoulders, on my left 6 lines contracted close together, keep contained by mind i dont have 6 fingers and if i be to scratch they be spread out wider. on my right 5 lines resembling the left shoulder. but whats werid also is here is 2 rings on right that over lap, reliable circles. there is zilch around my bed to do this. health astute one symptom of body lice was "unexplained scratches" believe me i dont enjoy body lice. i used to had alot of vivid and bleak nightmares and scratches on my body be common.

ever see "Poltergeist"?.."The Exorcist"?
sounds to me approaching you are in more requirement of a Holy Man than a Dr.!
I suggest wrapping ur hands contained by something and see if they stop occuring
1...2.Freddy's coming for you.
WOW! Please keep us updated because I would love to know what it is!
wow to be exact kinda creepy, have someone keep under surveillance you while you are sleeping next time. to see what go on
Id say aloud you had a vist from the unnatural, or extra terrestrial beings.
Supposedly when that happen you have ghost in your house. I dont know how true explicitly but do you have animals?
oh my god
it be ur mom. same thing happen last nite after I slept beside her. I mean, she like it rough. no doubt.
i guess your scratchin your shoulder really complex while you sleep. like contained by your dream you might have be tryin to slapsomeone away from your should so your hand might own flicked across that skin a few times causing scratch. its happened to me too but not that feebly. i dunno. only credible explanation is you have a cat? or your scratchin yourself. it happen.
ummm well it nouns like you are within need of a priest!!
conceivably its a supernatural force such as demons or spirits torturing you and also causing the horrible nightmares.

video cartridge your self at night and see if you spy anything odd.
This is really alarming, i had it come up to me too. I woke up with bruises.. sometimes bleading.. My friend have that happen to her too.. she have a huge thin mark all up her wrist. We couldn't digit it out either.
how biddable of shape is your mattress, maybe something poking through contained by it, i don't know...go see a doctor, seriously.
That is really really alarming.. I would be scared.. Have you talk to a doctor? I think that you should set up a camera within your room and put it on you when you sleep.. there for the subsequent time you have a dream and you rouse up with scratch you can look at the tape and see how you get them.. That is what I would do.. Good Luck with adjectives of this!
Do u grow cats? or harbour rats? Maybe some cockroaches could enjoy done it. or some creepies crawlies!! Try sleeping somewhere else.
that is unusual and i hold no explination. do you still have these nightmares? another form of comfort (not online) would be to see a doctor...they can help identify these scratch and see a psycologist (?) just option...dont be embarassed by this, it might be something a lil bit more serious than just "nightmares and scratches"

goodluck- (you might want to mention your age, for nightmares among adults could be at variance than nightmares among children.)
Are you sleep walking and running up against or "sleep attacking" something?

I can't think of any other explanation.
Take this beside a grain of saline, but I've heard of empire being scratched at darkness by ghosts/spirits, or whatever they are call. I dont know how much I believe this and its not exactly something that can be proven medically, but it might be kinda interesting to research.
might be bed bugs?
"Well, for years I've had hours of darkness terrors, I would from time to time remember them, but if my family saw me have one, they would wake me. This be because I would be digging at my face/arms with my fingernails as unyielding as I could. I would wake near strange scratches adjectives over me, and wonder how the heck they got here until my family caught on. I don't do this as much anymore, but sometimes, I'll get up with scratch. I evidently do this to myself if I'm experiencing fear within a nightmare."

I found this post on . . .

I hope the link works. Otherwise, I'd freshly type in and do a furrow. I hope this helps!
perchance its a ghost...if you own a pillow or blanket with feathers instead of cotton, the stems of the feathers can poke through and poke or gash you, especially if you move alot in your sleep. it may also be a textile burn if you toss and turn alot. when you scratch you dont other leave unblemished marks. on finger pin can leave tons small lines instead of one big one. you may have bed bugs or even spiders, roaches or mice. it could also be that someone is harrassing when you sleep.
that's REALLY creepy! why don't you set up a video camera back you go to bed so you can see what is going on?
r u a christian? u entail 2 rebuke them demons and name a priest! hang a cross over your bed 2!
Someone is stalking you...AHHHHHHHHHHHH IT'S CHUCKIE!!!lol
It could be psycological. You know the little cat mark mind games? Yes those show up pretty randomly.

It doesn't stingy your crazy, just medium your body is doing it to itself. Nothing to worry more or less, until they actually hurt.
I am a Christian, and I'm going to pray for you. I'm going to ask God to study over you, protect you, and give you peace while you sleep.
The same entity is happening to my friend! Except on his forearms. He's 17 too. He doesn't enjoy any nails, so he can't be scratch himself. I would also like to know what this is's munificent of worrying me :S
have u ever watch that show a haunting on discovery channel something close to that happens try watching it ull ghostsee or contect someone that deal with phantom or something like that

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