When My Blood Sugar go low i accomplishment really strange?

I start gigglking for no reason public notice move all around and it take atleast 5 minutes before i realize i'm probably low and after i check it and it's usually in the 70's and below. I am contained by 7th grade and I am 13 if that help. Is this a common symptom?

Yep your brain wishes sugar for the nerve cell to work and to communicate you're lucky when mine gets too low I overhaul out and throw up! Just try to eat more protien it last longer in your system than carbs (like sugar). Good Luck!
I'm surprised your not have headaches as ably. Make a better effort to save it normal - it will ruin your kidneys if you keep hold of getting too low or too high. You might stipulation another review with your doctor as okay. Tell your parents.
Quite Common.
Avoid it.
If you somehow get so giddy that you can't realize the inevitability to fix it, you could slip into a diabetic coma.
Known symptoms of hypoglycemia:
Oh honey. You're hypoglycemic? Try to avoid your sugar dropping completely.
yes it is common, HOWEVER, CHECK WITH YOUR DR., when this happen you need to own sugar immediately..maintain a candy bar or liquid handy for you AT ALL TIMES. don't eat it constently, but hang on to it for when you need it
My cousin, 7 years infirm, is type 1 diabetic, as I assume you are. About a month ago, her sugar dropped really low, and she began screaming and conversation to someone that wasn't there, almost resembling she was hallucinating. She be also twitching as though she was have a seizure. I call the ambulance, and the paramedic's explanation was that everyone responds differently to low blood sugar. They told me that they've see adults who ravage their homes, not realizing what they are doing. The giggle is normal for you, it's not so fruitless when you consider the alternative, right? Peace to you.
Yes, that's normal. I am Diabetic, and own been for a long time. Your brain can't function properly beside no energy contained by the system.Check your sugars on a regular basis, past and after meals. Then you know where on earth your at.
All kinds of outlandish behavior can happen when your blood sugar is too low. The reality that it seems to be dropping to some extent often suggests a have need of for better control. Testing at LEAST four times a day is essential.

Make an appointment near your doctor to learn more roughly diabetes; if you've had it for a long time, things may be shifting now that you are youngster or pre-adolescent, and control at this time of your life is VITAL if you intend to be a common, healthy grown. Lows just shouldn't be stirring if you are managing your diet and insulin properly, so clearly some changes necessitate to be made.

Good luck!
Blood Glucose Meters in australia are graduate from lo reading which is below 1 to setting of 30 + hi .If you are suggesting that you blood glucose reading is low at 7.0 then you stipulation to get your meter checked or calibrate it .
yes this is a adjectives sign of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) other signs and symptoms include:

Abnormal mentation, impaired judgement
Nonspecific dysphoria, anxiety, moodiness, depression, crying
Negativism, irritability, belligerence, combativeness, intensity
Personality change, hysterical lability
Fatigue, weakness, apathy, sloth, daydreaming, sleep
Confusion, amnesia, dizziness, delirium
Staring, "glassy" look, blurred vision, double mirage
Automatic behavior, also known as automatism
Difficulty speaking, slurred speech
Ataxia, incoordination, sometimes mistaken for "drunkenness"
Focal or common motor deficit, paralysis
Paresthesias, headache
Stupor, coma, abnormal breathing
Generalized or focal seizure

keep lying on your blood sugar. this is very big. low blood sugar can lead to DKA, coma, and disappearance. im guessing you have type 1 diabetes and is insulin dependent. do your accuchecks repeatedly and on time and keep under surveillance for these symptoms.

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