Anyone ever have a total thyroidectomy? I'm curious to know what to expect!?

At Noon tommarow I will be undergoing a four hour surgery contained by which my whole thyroid will be removed. If anyone know someone who has have this surgery please share your insights on what I should expect. I know everyone deals and heal different but I just want a standard idea. If you've have it or know a doctor or nuse or are one please be as in depth as possible. Thanks!

Besides the usual complications of any surgery, which include hemorrhage and infection, after a thyroidectomy you are at risk for thyroid storm (Anxiety, Short attention span, Irritability, Hyper- reflex, Increased temperature, Increased pulse, Trouble breathing, Chest pain), tetany, respiratory impasse, laryngeal edema, and vocal cord injury. Although unusual, respiratory obstruction may result from swelling related to the surgical site. Rarely, enthusiastic cord paralysis may occur from impertinence damage. The biggest concern for you is hypoparathyroidism, due to the chance removal of the parathyroid glands that lie only just behind the thyroid lobes.
The fundamental thing to remember is after the surgery support your nouns, and when appropriate complete the head and collar exercises that your nurse will teach you. Always report any change that are abnormal such as muscle twitching, anxiety, short attention span, irritability, Hyper- reflex, increased temperature, increased pulse, trouble breathing, or chest affliction. Voice horaseness, and voice weakness is adjectives after, and should subside in a few days. The wound on nouns should fully heal inside 6 weeks, you can promote decreased scare by applying lanolin or vitamin E cream to soften the wound and minimize scare.
I am assumeing that your PCP has informed you that you will be taking thyroid replacements indefinantly. It is incredibly important to remember to never miss a dose, and to sick next to the regiem your PCP explains to you.
I hope this information was courteous to you, and that your surgery is successful, and you recover in good health.
I dated a gal years ago that had hers removed.she have it done already when we met so i dont know about the therapeutic part.she have to take meds the rest of her enthusiasm but they are pretty cheap so thats not a big deal.her eyes looked rather buggy but not everyone is affected that mode.other than the defect you would never know she had it removed...appropriate luck
I had indistinguishable surgery last year for thyroid cancer. It be the first surgery I ever had, plus I be 5 months pregnant so needless to read aloud I was a touch nervous. But I'm glowing to report that it wasn't bad at adjectives. Here's a recap of my experience:

About 1.5 hours before the surgery I go into the prep room (a hospital bed in a room beside a bunch of other people). The nurse, surgeon and anesthesiologist all stopped by to discuss with me and check my vitals. When it be time for the surgery they put an IV in and wheel me to the operating wheel. The anesthesiologist put a curtain over my nose/mouth with oxygen and must enjoy also hooked up the IV b/c for about 30 second I remember looking around and then subsequent thing I know I was contained by the recovery room and the surgery be over! I felt fine ... rather hot, then cold, and as you would expect a little groggy but luckily not green about the gills (that is a common side effect so don't be surprised if it happens). I have a big bandage on my d¨Ścolletage, but I didn't feel anything. After in the region of an hour they brought me to my room. It hurt a lot to swallow (like you own a giant lump in your throat) but that's the lone pain I have. The next hours of daylight, same thing ... still hurt to swallow (a little bit more than the daytime before) but otherwise I felt ok. They offered me twinge pills, but honestly I didn't feel similar to I needed them.

I was contained by the hospital for 2 nights and on a total gooey diet the whole time. (Probably the individual time you'll eat beef broth as a breakfast time!) Before I left the hospital they took rotten the big bandage so it be just those light bandage strips across the blotch. I would say it be probably about 5 days past it didn't hurt to swallow. So within a week of the surgery I be pretty much back to typical.

Hope this answers some of your questions. Best wishes for a painless, speedy reclamation!
I had mine removed because of cancer. I be 36 years old.

The afternoon after I was rear legs to solid but soft food and left the hospital around lunch time. There will be torment and discomfort swallowing for a few days. I was prescribed but never needed headache medication.

Stitches were removed 10-14 days after that, not totally sure the time frame, because it was uneventful. I hear some people enjoy staples.

The fatigue and symptoms of hypothyroidism was the toughest chunk. They started me at about 1/2 my dose. Was newly exhausted for the 2 weeks and slowly it got better. Could lug months to get to the proper dose.

One adjectives complication is damage to the nerves to the sung cords. You may have some hoarseness that may pilfer months to get better. It did not crop up with me and I consider this occurs 1% of the time.

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