Addicted on Smoking Paper?

I have a ask... Its quite stupid... But can you grasp addicted from smoking paper.. This is going to nouns stupid but I once rolled paper for fun and lit it and took 1 or 2 puffs from it... I did this conceivably 2 or 3 times in 2 months.. newly one or two puffs... I kinda felt addicted (maybe it be just me thinking that)... But presently about 2 weeks latter I feel fine and dont requirement to light rag and take a puff... I know it sounds crazy I imagine its just a physciological obsession... I only did thise perchance 3 times I know its horrible for your health, but ever since I did it I in a minute do NOT WANT TO ANYTHING at all! Which is kinda great because I studious how gross and bad smoking be by taking a puff out of a piece of paper. My request for information was will I own long term effects or win a sickness by having done this 2 or 3 times...? and also could someone return with addicted to this?

addiction is all surrounded by the mind
people who find addicted to ciggarettes only draw from addicted because people and books and such share them its addictive
so my thought on this is
probably because people own said that rolling up weed in some tabloid and smoking it gets addictive and that put the thought of rag in your mind associated near weed which is associated with addiction

so yeah long story short
its remarkably possible
Nope, but since you already know about how toxic and chancy it is, I won't lecture you.

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