6 Year Old Complaining of Knee Pain...?

My 6 year old daughter begin complaining of knee cramp a couple days ago. Her knee is a moment ago a tiny bit swollen and it looks like she have a very small bruise. She hasn't be doing anything lately to physically hurt her knee, though. She say it hurts the worst in the morning. Debating a drop by to the doctor... Could this be something serious?

This could be anything varying from a bump to an infection in the integrated. Better be safe than sorry and ask the doctor.
At that age, it could totally well be "growing pains". They are material pains that some kids get within their joints when they travel through a spurt. I'd wait a few more days beforehand I got worried.
I would manifestly wait a few more days, it could be a different number of things. Like someone else said, just growing pains, I remember getting those when I be about 12 or 13 (I be a bit of a late bloomer). But it also could be somehting else that I'm thinking of. My hips are mis-alligned, and they hold caused me to own A LOT of knee problems my unbroken life. You cant detail my looking at me that they are, but one of them sits about an inch or two high then the other one. My legs close at the same point though so I don't tramp funny hahaha. BUT it does cause your bones to move differently, and can incentive a lot of cramp in the knees. Apparently its fairly adjectives. If you go to a doctor though, they probably won't even cogitate to check. I didn't find out mine were mis-alligned until I get the cartilage sucked out of my knee that be broken lose from the grinding, and went to physical psychoanalysis. I was getting checked out and the woman go did you know your hips are un-even?

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