Anyone own any really strange side effects after giving up smoking?

I've developed a huge amount of energy and can't stop cleaning, my period are 2 days long, I'm dreadfully cheerful adjectives the time, however suffer with a sudden and snappy temper should I be angered and I've fall in love near Simon Pegg!
Is this because:
a) I gave up smoking 3 months ago
b) I'm pregnant
c) I'm heading for the menopause.

I'd close to to believe it's A, but have a suspicion it's C. Hee hee

Hi again Rachel. Great communication that your full of energy and I agree Simon Pegg is kinda cute.
dark mares
became addicted to sugar free gum and later discovered that large amounts of sugar substitutes does a number on the aged digestive tract.
i gave up five months ago and have some odd sytoms close to tingling in my director, numb head , belligerent moods headaechs tiredness my doc says could be smoking related but dont infer so ??
well i be fit and well i give up smoking and got men ire's disease they read aloud its not linked um i wonder
Truthfully I couldn't right to be heard if it was the smoking individual your hormones must be going haywire, pregnant and heading towards the menopause, I was OK when pregnant solitary was approaching a witch on the menopause, I think I'd budge with c.
conceivably it all three ABC and a G and an F for well-mannered measure:-)
and who the hells Simon Pegg.

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