mild fever (100-101), chills, fatigue, constant sharp right side throbbing that gets worse when i carry up or take a wide breath, muscle and joint discomfort, headache, discomfort to light and loud clamour, altered state of mind, light flashes surrounded by the eyes, brain feels close to its bouncing in my guide when i walk, dizziness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, lower support pain, undamaged body hurts, pain over eye brows, constipation to diarria, loss of interest and shock.

also, ive only just been surrounded by the hospital for kidney stones a couple of weeks ago and was taking stomach-ache killers and motrin but own stopped taking them about a week ago.

Answers:    did you explain these symptoms to them? i don't know what it is, but you should see another doctor. you prominently are sick.

some symptoms sound resembling migraine, others, like the flu.
You stipulation to get your appendix out. Thats how i be when it happened to me. The right side abdominal agony is kind of a offer away

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