If i do push ups.?

see my job is goin to jaunt island on da 28 of july and i dont wanna take my shirt sour cause im skinny, if i do push up adjectives da way up july 28 will i see revival plus iamma get su stuff from da gnc, assist me i wanna look buff.

Push ups are fine, also increase your protein intake. Talk to the person at GNC and notify them your goal they will be paid sure you buy the right supplement.
ON your push ups start with how ever masses you can do. Do 5 sets per day try to increase how masses you do everyday, make sure you lug each set to flop. I would also suggest doing pull ups. Push ups and verbs ups combined will thicken up your entire upper body as well as increase the size of your arms ( your biceps are minor muscles during pull ups and your triceps are minor muscles during push ups)
work up to
My advice to you is to work on other parts of your body not lately your arms. Hit the gym. I wouldnt reccomend that gnc stuff, it's not the healthist thing to do.

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