Anyone own any remedy for fatigue??

by the way I'm pregnant

ask you doctor to monitor you iron level
You need to pinch short naps as habitually as possible. Slow down a little and listen to your body. There will be lots of change during your pregnancy. Also, talk to your doctor. You could be anemic or would benefit from prenatal vitamins.
FATIGUE : Under fatigue conditions, do not devour anything. Drink lukewarm gold/silver/copper charged water or strength drink. If this is not available, drink one glass of lukewarm sea at intervals of half an hour.

Also hand over this treatment : Take a small cumb, preferably of metal and keep it within the right hand and press it near the thumb on the side of the cumb and with fingers on the cumb. Press it strong on the upper part of the palm joining the fingers. After partially an minute, do the same beside the cumb in the moved out hand and repeat like treatment after one hour, if needed. Also take the Acupressure treatment on point No. 32 of vivacity.

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