Would a tutor be required to inform almost an consumption disorder?

Ones of my friends has an intake disorder and doesn't want to tell her parents because they'll purely send her subsidise to therapy, where on earth she was put on the pills that made her gain weight contained by the first place. She says she requirements to talk to an grown though, and wants to share one of our teachers. We're adjectives really close in that specific class and the teacher is almost more of a friend than an authority amount. Me, her, and a small group from the class even hang out surrounded by the teacher's room during lunch, so she figures she could speak to her than. I think this is a really bleak idea because the lecturer would be bound to tell the guidance counseler, who would later call her parents. Would the tutor be required to tell? I live contained by VA if that makes any difference

Answers:    i would not suggest recitation the teacher, as they own a duty of care to relate a parent if the student is in any jeopardy. it may be different contained by VA (sorry, i have no thought what that stands for) but i am quite sure that it would still apply.
i can relate to your situation and enjoy been surrounded by a similar one with a friend, but it become so clear about her disorder and she be hospitalised. now she have recovered.
if you are definate about not have the parents find out, then dont explain to the teacher. conceivably the kids help string or out of the blue.
Why aren't you concerned about your friend's consumption disorder?

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