Are Hemorrhoids Curable?

I am a 16 year old manly, and just only just (2 or 3 days) noticed I be itching around my anus area. I after noticed that a small lump or bulge have appeared near my anus, in actual fact very, thoroughly near to my anus. I figure it was inflammation and so took some Motrin to lend a hand. I'm not sure if it helped or not but the subsequent day the lump seem to be smaller. I then asked my mum to pinch a look at it and she told me that she thought it was a Hemorrhoid. I'm not sure what may be cause it, I exercise, and am not having any constipation, but my brief does require me to stand up almost 7.5 hours at a time. I was wondering if that could be the common sense. Anyway I wanted to know if within was a path to cure the hemorrhoids. So far I am taking a laxative, when I do defecate I use a medicated wipe instead of toilet paper, am taking a Preparation H cream,and I am drinking extra wet to help the symptoms, but is nearby any possible way to cure it.

Hemorrhoids develop due to too much pressure put on the vein in the rectal nouns. Your working condition - standing - can definitely contribute profoundly. You might also have unconvincing veins due to genetic predisposition or acid/alkaline lack of correspondence. For genetic predisposition is not much to do, as for acid/alkaline imbalance you can buy strips for checking the body ph, and if it turns sour ( under ph7) you should transmute your diet to improve the conditions of your vein.

Prep H may or may not help, extra sea if it has a accurate ph 7+ is welcome. Keep the stool soft beside fiber rich diet.

As for treatment for hemorrhoids try Rue Care Oil - it made miracles where other treatments enjoy failed and even relatives with genetic predisposition to stunted veins are sunny with the results.
ew. your mom looked at your buthole? thats harsh
The only road to get rid of hemorrhoids is beside surgery. If they don't bother you then walk out it alone.
the sex doctor (you know that old lady) told a guy the other light of day to take a hot hip bath and I know this sounds gross but to tuck his veins put a bet on into his but hole using his finger tips.
Creams and such usually work to temporarily relieve the symptoms. Also, sitting on those circular gel pads.

As to cure them: devour things very illustrious in fiber (lots of intact grains).

Or: have a hemorrhoidectomy.

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