Another constipation ask?

This following my last give somebody the third degree about my constipation. I tried milk of magnesia and an enema and so far, they haven't worked to aid soften my stool. I'm reaction weak and tightness contained by my chest :(

Oranges, prunes and castor oil. Castor grease works the fastest.
okay.. prunes. they really help. also green tea. near are also anitbiotics. coffe is also a way but lone for light constipation. try cranberry liquid. good luck!
For the constipation try taking some vitamin C and drinking lots of ginger juice. Eating lots of veggies and fruits will back you. If it continues for more than a week go see your doctor.
I didn't see your first press, but constipation is something youhave to work hard at to avoid, and hurtful to get beneath control. First , be may hold almost an obstruction of a big see of poop, and so loose stool comes around it making it look like you own diarrhea. You need to drink lots of river every day... 6-8 eyeglasses at least. You have need of to getr more fiber,...25-30 grams a day and you involve to take MOM as directed on the bottle every daylight or this stuff called Mirilax )over the counter) every daytime for a while until you poop every day. You stipulation to get your bowels on a routine. For presently, if you took MOM, and an enema, and nothing is coming out, you may hold to see your doctor to see if you are indeed obstructed. Good luck. Remember, everyone poops!
probiotics work great. They are as important if more so than fibre to bulk up the stool and verbs it. The majority of a healthing stool is beneficial bacteria.
you added comment be not clear. ... you say you own diarrhea now or "if you have"??

Drink prune liquid, or eat prunes. If you own that is a numerous problem then try to put in prunes to your diet. Eating fiber should not give you constipation: fruits, vegetables.

With what you took I suppose you should just skulk a little longer implicit a toilet and you'll see the results.

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