Why do doctors..?

insist on treating only one headache at a time. Especially orthopedic surgeons. I have be in extreme stomach-ache (shoulder, back, knees, feet) and it turns out they are all related but they other ask what is worst and only address the one issue.

Answers:    Depends on the doctor. I say-so it has smaller quantity to do with training and more to do next to economics. Focusing on a small part of an individual finances less time. Less time beside patients means more patients see daily. More patients see daily resources more $$$.

Combining traditional medical training with a holistic philosophy have helped me lend a hand thousands.
That's how they're trained. If you go see alternative practitioners, they will treat everything at once. They get the message the relationship (in my opinion) better and will take the time to aid you. If you are having adjectives four of those, I'd personally see a chiropractor, but that's me.

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