My friend is addicted to vicodin wants HELP prompt can someone report to me be to capture abet He have no insurance?

I really need to give a hand my 62 yr friend; he suffers from arthritis is taking vicodin. he is now addicted His Dr. stop adjectives his medicine He is immediately having a intensely hard time dealing near out His pills has no medical benefits at this time, but he is within the process of getting his medic-cal needs the minister to now.
I live surrounded by
Wilmington, CA

Most Counties in California hold Health Departments. Look them up under local administration in your phone book. I know within Riverside County we have free service for mental robustness care for low income residents. I assume most other counties own this available. Explain your friend's situation to them and they will refer you to the proper facility. He should go into rehab asap. You are a wonderful party to help this poor man out. I craving you the best of luck!
County of Los Angeles

I don't now a location in close proximity Wilmington, but there are locations adjectives over LA County. Look up LA County Mental Health. For example there is one on Live Oak contained by Arcadia. If absolutely requisite, he can just dance there.

As an alternative, beckon the supervisor's office, for that nouns probably Don Knabe, and ask them where.

Or an emergency room.

Treat it as a medical emergency and don't permit anyone make him be ashamed.
Just verbs the treatment. Addiction is a learned problem. People will mistake dependence next to addiction and there after classify them selves as an user. Now you mention he is not getting any medical benefits from the treatment and in that travel case then treatment can be discontinued but it will own to be taperd. If he is getting a benifit from taking them then own him find another doctor that will give him more Vicodin. He should also not own a problem getting methadone for the actual pain. Check him into the ER earlier you allow him to go through the withdrawls. This contained by itself could kill someone of that age (no offense) SOMETHING THAT IS VERY IMPRTNANT THAT YOU LEFT OUT IS..IS HE ABUSING THE VICODIN AND THEN.. if so that could still be confused beside someone desperate for relief. There may not even be a problem here...

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