Are extreme dizzyness and high blood pressure ever associated with cervical spondylitis.?

I have had cervical spondylitis for about twenty years and regularly use a neck collar. Recently I have been experiencing extreme dizzyness when lying down and turning over. Yesterday I had my blood pressure taken with a home monitor and am alarmed to find it very high. Could there be a connection. I am almost 70 yrs of age

It's not likely that your blood pressure is associated with your Spondylitis. that is unless it is causing you alot of pain..

You don't say what your blood pressure is, or if it was taken while you were upright or laying down, but you really should see your GP.
The dizziness (vertigo-this means dizziness not scared of heights)
The likelyhood is that your BP is increasing when you are laying down, and therefore decreases when you stand up.
There is no simple answer to your question without a few more tests.But it sounds heart related.

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