A little feedback pllleeaasssssseeee?

e been have dull dispersed muscle pain contained by my back. It spread from my d¨Ścolletage and shoulder down to my hip and buttocks. It also makes my arm and leg be aware of very mortified.

The pain is largely on the left side of the body but i do go and get it also on the right side

following is a list of trial I've run:

MRI of brain, neck, spine, and lower put a bet on and they all come back fine.

Blood test including thyroid hormones and that came support fine also.

Other symptoms include:
-hand tremor
- muscle weakness
-minor headache next to dull pain losing the eye on the same side of the niggle
-shallow sleep.

Doctors seem that the agony is psychosomatic, Here are some of the medications i tried
painkillers: advil
deanxit (anti stress drug)
muscle relaxants ( norgesic, norflex, and legaflex)
antiinflamatory (xefo)
xanax (0.25 mg 3 times a day)
SSRI ( cymbalta)

cymbalta get my spirit up but i didn't find pain nouns yet! any serve or feedback is appreciated

Have you seen an infectious disease specialist?? You may hold Lymes disease or Q fever. Special lab surrounded by Ca is best test for these diseases. They don't filch insurance the test is $190 and worth every penny. Check it out
I enjoy alot of the same symptoms you hold . It sounds to me like you should dance see a Chiropractor. I always consistency better when I go and take adjusted.perchance you are out of allignment, You might have a pinched brashness or something . Believe me it helps to turn. Find a good one that someone you know have used or reccomends. not everyone believes that they can help. but I hold been carried contained by the chiropractors office because I couldnt put your foot and it helped , much more than a dull pain pill. you get nouns. Good luck

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