I have really doomed to failure anxity i have have it on and on for about 2 years. essentially when imk unemployed..i havde triued herbal tablets but they dont serve as much as perscription meds. But the downfall is they make me so drowzy. What can i do?.

First, hope professional help - if you can't settle, you can still get the minister to from a local government agency! Check your nouns!
Second, if you have prescription meds, it's because a Doctor prescribed them for you. Go support to the Doctor and explain why they are not working for you - stop taking "self medication" which is the herbal stuff. Some herbals hold steroids and can and will harm you!
Third, create change in your existence! Even the smallest most inconsequential positive things will lead to bigger and better things for you - when you stir up in the morning promise yourself you will smile at most minuscule 100 times that day - no concern what! Smile even if things really aren't going all that resourcefully - SMILE!
Forth, pick one item and make a small amend in your diet - if you drink a persuaded amout of coffee, coke, beer or wine each hours of daylight - drink a little smaller amount and each sunshine less until you no longer consume any.
Five, YOU will concentration the changes yourself because it will parallel in your attitude and self-image - so go next to the flow!

Good luck!
I have anxiety and I stir to therapy and nick Zoloft.

If neither of these are options for you, you can try breathing exercises and body relaxation exercises. You can also do other things to gain your mind off of the anxiety. Keep track of your thoughts when you touch anxious. Are you putting yourself down? Doubting yourself? If so, think positive thoughts, build yourself up, write down "I can do this" or anything helps.
When I be having that problem near Klonopin, I spoke to my pdoc about breaking them surrounded by half. I can nick the half, and after if I feel I necessitate to I can take the husband later. I would have a word to your doctor first before doing this though. Good luck. :)
If you own a relationship with Jesus and commune day after day with the Holy Spirit, most of your anxiety will shift away because you will experience measures of peace, joy and hope from God that will transcend your physical mind. All you hold to do is believe that Jesus died for you, confess Him as savior, and the Holy Spirit will come and make Himself one next to your spirit. You will feel His life-giving presence as you make conversation to Him, obey Him and ask Him to show you His love. Bless you!
As a fellow sufferer, I can convey you that there are great meds that shouldn't breed you drowsy. You should go vertebrae to your doctor, or find another one. Tell him you were any on the wrong med, or on the wrong strength. Explain everything, and he'll work it out for you. Don't give up!! Panic and anxiety attacks are so unnecessary. You'll be within my prayers tonight. Please make an appt. ASAP. :)

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