Allergic to codeine?

If someone is allergic to codeine, what pain medication can be prescribed (not OTC)? This isn't a contact allergy. It is trouble breathing, tightening of the chest etc. Most pain killer are synthetic codeine but I don't know if these would have like peas in a pod reaction. Anyone know or own been surrounded by the same same situation?

Since these are by prescription singular, once you inform the doctor of your allergy he will prescribe you another type of pain medication next to out codeine in it. I never hear of it but any allergy can can exist to almost anything so I'm not surprised.
You need to agree to your doctor. That's a very serious antipathy. I'm sure there are other medication out there available.
I am allergic to codeine, but I can transport synthetic codeine. However, I am not allergic to the same extent you are. I simply break out and itch. I would definitely speak to my doctor if I be you.don't chance it.

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