Anna Nicole Smith and Drug Intoxication?

I know that Anna Nicole died of Acute Drug Intoxication brought on by Chloral Hydrate. I saw the list of drugs on her autopsy report and I did not make out some of the names. What I am wanting to know is what humane of effect did these drugs have on her system to inflict her death. I know that it be a combination, but looking at it from a scientific landscape, what happened inside the body?

Ok... She was taking profusely of medications that deal with her depression and heaps of them treated the same things (they be within duplicate classification). She was seeing several different doctors and she wasn't mortal honest with them so she be taking several medications from several doctors (definitely not a well-mannered thing). She didn't know that taking the drugs simultaneously was not a suitable thing. Those drugs, even though they adjectives were inwardly the therapeutic scope, they don't work well together within the body. Her liver could only metabolize so much. Main point is, she shouldn't own taken so many medication at once for the same medical diagnosis, thats not nontoxic and can lead to release by means of respiratory or cardiac arrest. If she be honest by telling the doctors that those meds weren't working (instead of getting more and different kinds) next she would have be alive today. This was a research lesson and hopefully the medical profession will see that the public needs to erudite on medication administration.
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