3 Cheers for the Smoking Ban ! Hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray- hip hip hooray :)?

Thank heavens for a sane person. I relatively agree. I'm Asthmatic and the mear hint of smoke make me ill.
I be always sick as a child with Bronchitis and did not find out give or take a few being Asthmatic till around 9 years ago.
I had to stop going to pubs a moment ago because of the smoke. I have to avoid adjectives places which sometimes is v. annoying. When we go to a particular Italian restaurant that I love and people hurricane lantern up after their meal, I own to grab my inhaler. I choice people would be more considerate. They only don't think. Wonder what they would do if I died within front of them!
Anyway, just required to say thankyou for one a sane, non smoker. I appreciate it at least!
for he's a brisk good fellow
for he's a spry good fellow
for he's a lively good fellow
And so read aloud all of us!

I completely agree near you, no more inhaling second hand smoke when I a short time ago want to have a accurate night out beside my friends!
You are the sort of smug little b*****d that gives us non-smokers a bleak name !
roughly speaking time too i say....
we will adjectives look back maxim ...why did it take so long..?
why should non-smokers be made to smoke if they want to call in a pub....etc.
and we dont ALL have to smell similar to tramps..just because we go out for an evening....
Okay, but when they take away your alcohol,will you be dictum, "Hip-Hip Hooray"?
now you have need of to get diesel & petrol disallowed & alcohol too & tv & computers & planes & mobile phones & margerine & heaps of medication & the list go on & on & on & on & on
& they are just a few of things that can assassinate or make you not at your best
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
I myself however do not agree with the smoking forbid.Its ridiculous,when you go out beside friends for a drink,you want a cigarette and i think you should be capable of have one not hold t go outside and freeze to release just to unruffled your cravings.
Just to say i myself am not a smoker but my friends are.
What smoking bar? You're so lucky. Wish we had one - that dust should be outlawed worldwide and smokers should be treated like the drug addict they are!
No cheers for another law that infringes on my rights. I don't smoke, I don't fastidiousness for it, but the government is not my daddy to report me what I can and cannot do. Our freedom is being nickel and dimed right into nothingness, and family like you who applaud it only just give the senate more power than it should have.
The policy took care of the rights of the non-smokers; in a minute, what about the rights of those who smoke?
I don't know give or take a few you but I'd rather touch a smoker on the highway than a drunk driver!!
Answers to this one are odd those who own not got the indispensable guts to stop smoking think they are self persecuted I am as pleased as anything over the ban its merely so sensible it makes the difference between the sheep and the goats so obvious~~
Come round almost tea time again, I'll have a lubricant one rolled up ready for you, and bring some weed this time you tight git !
boo boo boo..near raspberries. you stopped us smoking, and we stopped buying giggs and gambling surrounded by the slot machines between bingo, coz were adjectives outside smoking...

revenue generated for the exchequer will dissapear, and you mr smarty pant will get a whack increase in the guard rate, up goes your mortgage, up go airport tax and going to a foreign country toll, up goes petrol, up go food, and down comes our standards of living, all because you considered necessary your own way... okay youve gotten it... now let see how long it is before you lot switch on to whinge..
Before cheering stop and believe this could be just the start,plump inspectors will soon be stopping people contained by the street and declaring them obese.Not to forget the sex inspector who will knock on your door within a morning to make sure you enjoy performed five times concluding night.A standard set by the former PM and his little curvy deputy.You may laugh but the nanny state is here.
totally agree
When i grain the need to fart i assume its only polite to move out the room so others don't have to smell it. Nuff said!
I'm beside you

clap clap clap clap
yes i am with you on that one too =) i am so glad! i can't believe it have taken england so long to ban it though! i am so relaxed.. i can go into a pub in a minute and have a beer or wine or doesn`t matter what without coughing up my lungs! we non smokers have no choice but to inhale those cancer causing chemicals and it simply wasn't fair, be it? i'm so glad that england finally got next to the program =)

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