Any Doctors, nurses or anyone within the healthcare nouns that can aid me?

What are some things I should ask my Pediatrician to check me for? I'm 19, obese [5'11 - 270 pounds] and I'm scared to own anything like Diabetes and elevated cholesterol etc. I only attain checked by her once in a blue moon.. it have been 4 years since I finishing got checked and surrounded by those 4 years i've gained over 150 pounds. I own gotten stretchmarks that are still pink/reddish.. all over my body.. what should I ask her to give a hand me with my skin?
I'm already asking her for
things close to diabetes, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, etc.

anything else? Please help me I want to draw from checked for everything...

i advice you to lose cargo, bec your putting yourself at risk of having hypertension, glorious cholosterol & diabetes,,

stop eating foods high-ranking in sodium & cholesterol, & fatty foods it may soon built plaques surrounded by your heart (atherosclerosis)
alcohol, smoking & caffeine & stress can cause hypertension bec. it cause vasoconstricion w/c increases our hearts work nouns

you're at risk for diabetes bec. of too much fats within the body, the fluids are not regulated properly

dermatologist knows the cure for stretchmark.some sort of liniment or cream that can be applied daily
You have need of to LOSE the weight. Your skin will verbs to stretch and be painful until you lose the consignment. The other thing is that you should not be seing a pediatrician at age 19, you should see a everyday doctor. Ask her to check your blood pressure, pulse (which they normally do anyway0...your blood sugar and glucose level. The only things you can do to capture healthy is to lost the freight and get more physical excercise, or it will solitary be a matter of time in the past you develop diabetes... Strivectin works great for stretch marks, but not if you keep hold of gaining mass!

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