Any doctors? nurses? anyone that can sustain!...My appendage is numb why?

Well lately my left appendage has gone numb.. on the vanished side.. and it really hurts a lot. It's throbbing... It's been resembling this for 7 days and a half immediately... and I don't know what is going on...My mother thinks is because i'm tubby... I stand 5'11.. Last month i was 250 pounds.. and today I am 270.. i be gaining solidity like crazy.. very soon faster than ever. i gained 150 pounds contained by 4 years... and i'm scared.. defectively. im going to the doctor july 12 but i need to know what to do very soon... like what help to aliviate the numbness because it wont go away.. ive tried eveything.. is my weightiness causing this? or can someone abet..

The cause of Hand numbness may be more glibly identified if other symptoms exist. Abnormal nerve sensations such as pins-and-needles, tingling, burning, prickling or similar state of mind are all specified as "paresthesias". They usually result from nerve interfere with due to pressure, entrapment, or nerve diseases. Continued boldness damage can organize to hand numbness and lifelong loss of feeling. Any nonstandard sensation needs medical investigation.

The following medical conditions are some of the possible cause of Hand paresthesia. There are likely to be other possible cause, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

* Paresthesias
* Tingling fingers
* Finger paresthesias
* Nerve compression
* Nerve entrapment
* Multiple sclerosis
* Guillain-Barre syndrome
* Vitamin B12 fewer

Various tests are used surrounded by the diagnosis of Hand paresthesia. Some of these are listed below :

* General appearance - out of the ordinary posture, muscle wasting, abnormal arm movements.
* Physical nouns
o May be necessary to examine different joints including the cervical spine, shoulder, elbow , wrists and the sundry joints of the paw
o Test muscle tone, power, reflexes and co-ordination of upper limb
o Test sensation of upper limbs ( including twinge , touch , temperature and shudder sensation)

What areas of the hand are artificial by the paresthesia ? - can help determine which nerves are artificial e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome causes paresthesia of the pulps of the thumb, index, middle and partly of the ring finger; peripheral neuropathy typically cause a glove and stocking sensory loss to hands and foot; C8 spinal cord or nerve root lesion cause paresthesia of the little finger; C7 spinal cord or nerve root lesion raison d`¨ētre paresthesia of the middle finger; C6 spinal cord or nerve root lesion cause paresthesia of the outer side of the forearm and thumb.
I had that scheduled to me too. The left side of my departed hand and part of a set of my forearm would feel resembling it "fell asleep" everyday. My Dr. said that I had tendinitis and give me some oral steroids to take for a month. That cleared it up for me. I am overweight too, but he said that it didn't enjoy anything to do with that.
Sounds resembling you might have type II diabetes and untimely onset of stage I neuropathy. (the sugar within your blood is eating away the myelin sheath of your nerves, making them not sensitive...but typically it happen in your foot, first.)

If you have dry, encrusted skin, on your elbows, and ankles, it's very expected diabetes. Stop dealing with sugars, and travel to a hospital as soon as humanly possible.

Diabetes causes counterbalance gain because your fat cannot be deal with meatabolically via insulin resistance within your body.

Might be a lot of things. see a doctor, and try to guzzle a regular diet, reduce sugars as much as you can, cut out sodas, cake adjectives of that.

Good luck.
I'm not a medical professional but my best guess based on experience is that you own hypothyroidism or another endocrine problem and possibly carpal tunnel in your wrist. write down adjectives of your symptoms. Make sure your doc checks all of your hormones not a moment ago the TSH. I haven't a clue if the two could be related. You can wear a wrist brace. I get carpal tunnel, the individual thing that help me is a visit to my chiropractor. CP cause pain and horrible numbness similar to your description.
Try rotating ur foot often and breed sure u don't wear a bracelet or something that could block the blood from reaching ur hand. If da don't work strech ur foot and then close it into a fist. try keeping ur appendage below ur waist so that the blood won't have a complex time reaching ur hand.

Hope it Helps :)
getting adjectives excited sure as heck isn't accomplishing anything. Who's be feeding you- do you live alone or is Mom doing this?
Eat three meal a day- small meals and drink plenty of sea. prepare your own food- no restaurant food. NONE. Measure everything- if it says serving size is 1/2 cup explicitly what you put in the bowl- don't only fill the bowl up! Go for a slow waddle before and after you munch through. You say you are 5'11" and weigh 270 you gain 150 pounds in 4 years- you be thin then- you can do it again.
The foot thing- shake your arms and hands similar to you want them to fly off your body- probably a pinched effrontery. Massage under your armpit and bend your elbow- does it grain any better? When you sleep put a small pillow under the disappeared elbow.You maybe sleeping on the arm and that cause the numbness.
Take care- good luck
Could be lateral neuropathy (nerve damage) which can be caused by diet. Read the info at the cooperation below. It can be corrected with treatment. Getting to a Doctor soon will be critical to getting ably. Until you can get to a doctor see if someone can rub your arm and hand.
Hi, I'm a Nurse Practitioner. I would reccomend calling a neurologist at once and demanding a sooner appointment (explain your discomfort & concern). Or, actually I would progress to the ER. Your mother needs to rear legs off and realize the seriousness of your condition. All I can vote is that weight MAY contribute to the document of symptoms, but it does not sound to me resembling the cause. It sounds close to you have a neurological problem to be exact causing glands to stop producing hormones that assistance you burn calories. To help the aching I would reccommend something pretty strong, like, percaset, but if you don't begin to have any of these, something approaching Tylenol may help. But no anti-inflammitories(ibuprofen,... they won't do anything for this type of cramp.
hi there... at hand are different factors that could hold led to your condition.. in that might be denervation of the hand.. also, it might be some sort of inflammation which make your hand touch numb (i.e. muscle, tendon, cartilage, etc). the best course to do is to go to your doctor ASAP. if you do have a feeling any chest pains (not more than 15 mins of alleviation) then shift immediately to your local hospital. another query is that have you just this minute used ur arm so much? or have you have any trauma of the area? it can even basically be a congestion of blood vessels... can you catch sight of cyanosis (bluish discoloration). provide these information to your doctor. also be prepared for different diagnostic test.

dutiful luck and hope its not that bad...
something is stirring but I don't know what. You could be gaining substance because of your thyroid, maybe diabetes or perchance just too much food or an alergy of sorts. The nurse will tender you a blood test and it should pinch a few days before she get the results back but later they will call you surrounded by and tell you what's taking place and what you're lacking. So swing in in that. In the meantime cut out the sweets and soft drinks, cut out the fried foods, and don't drink a super lot of water, and cut out the saline. Start yourself on a vegetable and fruit diet. And, get away from the computer and get hold of some exercise. Go for a walk at most minuscule.

When hands step numb it usually has to do beside carpal tunnel, and your weight may be contributing to that. Carpal tunnel is cause from repetition as in playing games on the web with equal fingers. However I was told that it usually doesn't affect the pinkie I really can't determine this. Ask your doctor.

Usually if you've hurt a quantity of your body something like cold pack and Advil solve the hurt. In your case I can one and only say try it and see if it works. Take Advil after food, and halt it days previously you go see the doctor.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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