Why am i hot?

Normally I'm always freezing cold even if its singular 68 but I suddenly feel similar to I'm in a sauna, Is it a hot flash? If so why would i gain one, I never had one past

You could have some sort of infection specifically making your tempature higher. There are frequent possibilities as to why you have a tempature. If it persist, you may need to see a doctor. I am other cold and I have poor circulation.
are you contained by premenopausal age bracket? if so, then yes it is hot flashes.
Hmm.. perchance its because your a fat *** eh? How the hell am i supposed to know i dont live next to you. maybe your that in the buff fat *** from acrossed the street.
if you are close to 50 sorry hot flash time, i may not live as long but im sure clearing im a man, woman go through road to much yikes....
Normally a Female has Hot Flashes surrounded by the late 40's but it can come to pass in the 30's. If you are not surrounded by your 30's yet, I recommend asking your Doctor.
Some medication will craft you flush and feel hot .
Sometimes the food you chomp through will flush your face and build you feel approaching you are in a sauna.
own a fever? idk ur body temp can transfer alot ur probly just not use to the sudden coppers in the temp or something try turning the upper air conditioning on or use a fan

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