Am I crazy? What IS this? I've SUCH an anger problem. Today I imagined getting into an argument w/ my aunt.

In this daydream (or daymare!) I choked her & kicked her out of my place. It be over something dumb that never even happened. I imagined her relating me she didn't like something at my place & throwing it out against my wishes. When I found out going on for it, I flipped. In reality, I know this never happened but I still feel angry. I know this stems from emtional abuse as a kid & attitude controlled. But does dreaming of killing someone product me nuts? Is it a condition in itself? I'm not even sure how to explain to a therapist going on for this.

I am willing to articulate that you no longer have issues beside anger. You have issues of RAGE! And it wants to be handled by a licenced proffessional.! Please so as not to become another 6:00 pm communication spotlight on murder or some other horrid thing PLEASE GET HELP!!
But here is the defenition of wildness given by wikipedia so that you can see if you agree with my diagnosis!!

Rage is the throng of unexpressed anger and perceived disrespectful transactions that after multiple "stuffings" finally glows to the surface. The thought that someone is purposely inciting anger and the feeling to achieve even, that trying to be reasonable have proven ineffective.

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[edit] Triggers of Rage
A rage may be cause by anything at all. The travels of another person, disappointment of technology such as a computer or television, one shown disrespect from the person's peers, such as being bullied at college or in the workplace, loneliness or depression, even insignificant things when in that has be a previous build-up of stress or anger.

[edit] Effects

Rage, tacuinum sanitatis casanatensis (XIV century)A rage can sometimes front to a state of mind where the entity thinks that he/she is skilful of doing things that may normally appear to be physically impossible. Those in a state of bluster usually experience extreme adrenaline rushes, which raise their physical strength and tolerance levels. People surrounded by rage may also judgment events in a sort of slow motion, due to their brain processing information at an accelerate rate. A person contained by a state of rage may also lose much of his or her size for rational thought and reasoning, and is acting, usually sternly, on his or her impulses to the point that they may attack until they themselves enjoy been incapacitated or the source of their seethe has be destroyed.

A person surrounded by rage may also experience tunnel delirium. They often focus solely on the source of their anger. The large amounts of adrenaline and oxygen within the bloodstream may cause a person's extremities to shake. A character in a fierceness will hyperventilate with strong, snatched breaths to get more oxygen into her or his blood stream[citation needed].

A creature in a go on may become temporarily incapable of coherent thought and may temporarily lose her or his self-consciousness[citation needed]. Sometimes people verbs, or forget what occurred during their fume.

One's senses become extremely acute due to the high amounts of adrenaline contained by the body, and, on the opposite close, this also reduces one's sensation of headache.
I have enver gone through this but someone I know have. It is not really out of the ordinary. Did you and your aunt own a fight that hours of daylight?
To me, it sounds like you own a very apposite imagination...try writing and you may find an outlet for your thoughts.

I don't think imagine crazy things makes you's the doing of them that make you so.

Only if your thoughts started to affect your day to daytime life would you necessitate to worry surrounded by my opinion.
if does after i must be nuts as well i dont recon its that desperate.
You aren't crazy at all! I enjoy actually done that until that time but the target was my husband's ex wife. I'm guessing that you enjoy anger issues already with your aunt and you hold been holding things surrounded by that you want to say to her. At least possible that's the case next to me...I am a totally non-confrontational person so I hold everything inside. Sometimes I bring back so angry that I just dream of or daydream in the order of actually blowing up on her and letting her hold it. It's not crazy at's certainly much healthier than have the fight surrounded by real duration.
you're not crazy. but according to chester the molester you are!! what a jerk! at hand is something down deep inside you specifically bothering you. and seeing a therapist doesnt fashion you crazy either. trust me, i know this. try to give somebody a lift a look around you and figure out what it is to be precise bothering you. if its something about your aunt, consequently sit down and talk to her almost it before it get out of hand.

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