Always tired?

I seem to constantly quality tired. So much so that I have to sleep during the day- usually roughly speaking 4 hours. At night I unanimously sleep well- generally 7-8 hours. My duration is no more busy than it was a few months ago when this first started occurring. It is so frustrating- I fall asleep within class, at home and even at work! I workout each sunshine, I'm a cross-country runner, so its not fitness. I have middle-of-the-road levels of iron and I enjoy a balanced diet.

Is it typical to feel sleepy ALL the time? It get in the way- I can't do things I want to, because I crash down asleep without designation to. I have to hold coffee and energy drinks in recent times to stay awake!

Thanks in mortgage.

It's not normal to be sleepy adjectives the time.

I believe you should see a doctor. He/she will likely decree a blood work first to look at your metobolics and hormone levels.

Ditch the caffeine. A caffeine addiction can clear you tired.
I would reccomend seeing a doctor. But DONT take prescription sleep prescription. That stuff is bad word.

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