16 year near a impossible headache for 8 months?

i have a headche for something like 8 months and some memory loss and riging nosie in my ear and i do smoke going on for 15 a least a time since i was 12 or 13 and i am a bit hefty and i am 16 what could this be

Go see a doc. x
Give up smoking?! You intoxicated your body enough and in a minute it giving you signals
sounds like illustrious blood pressure ,give up the cigs and run to the doctor
my god,get to your doctor as soon as you can.upright luck.
You should go to the doctor, it could enjoy something to do with your brain or I don`t know even a pinched nerve or something. Maybe try a chiropractor. I tried that when I be having unusual headaches and they go away after one adjustment.
You need to see a Dr. The symptoms you describe requirement to be investigated soon.
go and see your gp asap. I enjoy just have a massive migraine attack and they thought I had a stroke!! hehe When I be your age i had a headache for 10weeks so i couldn't envisage one for 8 months.

Headaches are a warning signal any you a smoking too much or something neurlogical is wrong. Just see you GP as 8months is a long time, it could be nothing or could be something.

Take thinking,

Ben :p
well you could start by STOP smokin!! thts horrible to start smokin at 12.. do u knw wat tht does to u ! YOU R KILLIN UR SELF! every lil puff ur killin ur lungs.. ur sufficatin them.. they cant breathe wit adjectives tht smoke and stuff.. jesus did not die on tha cross for u to kill ur self wit some addiction... and excuse me but u may reckon it is an addiction but its not .. anyone can quit .. if u can start smokin u can stop !! if u cant then move about see a counselor.or go to church .. or perchance rehab ! i dnt knw but do somethin and then u wont be complainsurrounded by about ur damn headache!! u sud be ashamed !!
i saw something on animal planet the other daytime about bedbugs. this one lady have tremendous headaches. when she go to the doctor, she found out that it was a bunch of worms contained by her head
i would say aloud you should go to a dr hurried! it doesn't sound so appropriate! feel better...
DOCTORS NOW! You dont mention what you are smoking but cannabis can do the memory loss. But if youve had a headache for 8 months, it could be that you stipulation glasses, could be that you're too stressed, it could be as serious as a brain tumour.
Might be anxiety, cause by subconscience, created by lack of accomplish your desires. As for your headaches, I suffered lots years, until I found feverfew, liquid form, a inbred herb, it tends to relax your brain and allow better circulation, thus on an upward curve your thinking process. It tastes right as well.
Move out the home home Steve.

My Mum has that effect on me!!
Try this relationship, it may help:
Could be hormones
big blood pressure

(memory loss is a bit worrying)

Give up the smoking
Go & see a doctor
Yes see a doctor who will test for many things,even brain tumours,but thats rare, you may also hold symptoms of lyme disease,see sites below.
im guessin u drink to much coffee. i drink about 7-9 cups a hours of daylight nd ive frequently got headache.

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