My mom has taken around 9 advil a hours of daylight for about a year and a partly now. I know that it's horrible for you kidney's and stomach. She's smoked since she be a teenager, probably a pack or so a light of day, and she ocassionly binge drinks. I just am worried what might arise to her one day. What do you estimate? Please, serious answers.

this is serious the fact is that after a time of time advil stops working the same effect as back so she needs more and more. it become more of a habit and she think she needs it i reflect on you should talk to your mom but bring in sure is is aware your not playing and its serious she will probably thinlk your making it a big deal but freshly keep insisting and try and find medical sustain from a doctor or maybe something else to bring back ride of her pain it depends on why she take it. theres other products that dont hurt her like advil. near smoking more serious work at one problem at a time her drinking doesnt sound serious but try robust things with her similar to maybe swiming etc it will procure better but it requires work i wish you the best of luck
Same beside my mom except not alcohlol its coffee. It can't be good. She take advil liquid gel. If you have a discomfort around her shes offering you 4 of her pills "ITS PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH" she says ! I don't know though.

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