Am Poorly..Sore Throat =[?

Anyone Know Whats Wrong With Me..?
Dad Thinks I Have Chest/Throat Infection.

It Started With Just A Sore/Dry Throat But Now I've Lost My Voice And When I Can Speak Its Really Deep.
Throat Hurts, No Appetite.
And Every So Often I have Dizzy Spells But I've Had These Before My Sore Throat Came On..
Whats Wrong With Me..?
& What Can I Do To Cure My Voice And Make It Come Back And Go Back To Normal..?

Help Please <3

i agree next to your dad it's probably a throat infection. look at your tonsils. are they big? look in a mirror, shine a torch into your mouth and read aloud "Aaah". you'll be able to see the stern of your throat. is there white stuff in that? look at your tonsils. are they big? is there white stuff on that? is your throat or your tonsils red? it adjectives points to a throat infection.

btw, your tonsils are round things at the back of your mouth on both sides.

try gargle with saline and warm marine. it's been proven to work.

if you enjoy a fever at anytime, you might involve to be on antibiotics. you need to see a doctor consequently. :)

good luck.
Have you see your doctor?
Try gargling next to warm saline water for 30 second. It will make your throat perceive a little bit better. Or use hall.
Go see your doctor. We're can't tell you what's wrong next to you since we're not train in the medical grazing land. If you can't see your local doctor, go to the ER. :(
Quit conversation! You can damage your throat forever. Drink anything hot that you can, hot lemonaid with honey and tea are angelic. Eat ice cream and popsicles if you can. Use cough drops and butterscotch candy. What ever you can to wellbeing the irritation of your throat. Give it a few more days, if it's not getting better by after, try to see a doctor.
mix salt near warm wet and gargle....sometimes this helps near a sore throat.

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