Are inhalants addictive? Do you enjoy withdrawls if you stop using them?

I'm doing a poster on Inhalants. Please help!

You're excuse made me chortle! I doubt very much that this is for a poster!
I own used inhalants on several occasions, and within all honesty, thay are not expressly addictive, as you will usually feel SO ailing the next daytime that the last article u will want to do is more inhaling!
Inhalants also have the genuine shortest buzz you will get from any drug. You can spend 3 mins inhaling the stuff into your lungs for a buzz that will final on average, about 1 minute.
So you next have to hang on to doing it again and again.
Just remember that all that deodorant or doesn`t matter what it is, is setttling in your lungs.
I hold had chest pains for frequent days after using inhalants, and my eyes have gone terribly dry and bulgy. My lips be also extremely dry and cracked for ages.
The most important point to remember is the fact that doing it merely once can kill you. When you are buzzing, your body produces a thoroughly large amount of the chemicals responsible for "fracas or flight" response, and if anything should happen to surprise you, close to your mum walks surrounded by the room, or you hear a loud bang, you can suffer a massive heart attack.
This almost happen to me once, as my dog barged into my bedroom unexpectedly, and my heart began to see about 200 bpm, luckily I calmed down surrounded by time.
Well, if this IS for a poster, hopefully I have help you out!
But if not, consequently PLEASE do not pick up that can. It just IS NOT worth it, believe me!
I own tried most drugs in my youth, and almost adjectives of them have have awful side-effects that were simply not worth the short buzz. The only drug I in a minute take regularly is weed. I don't believe it should be illicit, for many reason. But that's a whole other story!
Not solitary can they be addictive , they cause irreversible , cumulative brain harm as well . The user doesn`t realize anything is happening and keep "enjoying" his addiction . By the time he knows there`s a problem , he`s a vegetable contained by many cases .
I enjoy nothing against drugs, infact I am a drug user, of certian drugs. but inhalants are doomed to failure ****, and yes they are addictive.

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