When my boyfriend was a child he have an appendicitis removed from he have this scar a couple of inches from his belly button, which looks resembling a belly button to me..I was simply wondering if he had it removed does this bring in him different or what??just wondering

First of adjectives, the organ itself is called the appendix. Appendicitis is a condition where on earth it gets blocked and swells up. This is extremely bloody and can be deadly as if it bursts, it can butcher the person inwardly an hour. Having it removed is called an "appendectomy". That's what the blotch is from. Now, to answer your question- no, it doesn't make him any different at adjectives. Just that he has a cool defacement and doesn't have the risk of getting appendicitis anymore.
(But after have my appendectomy, I did notice that the departed side of my stomach, the side it's taken out of, was slightly stronger and have a tiny bit less butter on it than the right side.) And I often read out the scar is a stab wound. If anything your boyfriend is better sour now.
no, the appendix is a body constituent that we have no use for, resembling wisdon teeth, and if it is taken out, then you are exactly matching!!

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