A "Q" give or take a few doctors?

how many doctors should u hold by 19?

1.) A general practitioner 2.) A gynocologist 3.) An orthopedic surgeon (you shouldn't obligation one of these unless you have an injury of some sort) 4.) Optomotrist There's other a dentist too - you should have one of those
That adjectives depends on how many doctors you entail
1 family dr.
(female) 1 obgyn
1 dentist
1 eye dr.

If i.e. what you are looking for
as many as you need> They arent usually discouraging or eveil people!
perchance 19 one for each year?
Well I am 19 very soon and I have 4.

1.) A broad practitioner
2.) A gynocologist
3.) An orthopedic surgeon (you shouldn't need one of these unless you hold an injurt of some sort)
4.) Optomotrist

There's always a dentist too - you should own one of those

Hope this helps. :-)
A nearest and dearest doc, and OBGYN at the minimum.
I would say that women would necessitate a general practice doctor and a OBGYN doc.
You should own four. As listed by others.But how repeatedly you change them is adjectives up to you. If you are unsure about a doctor its ok to alteration to a new one.
A standard practitioner, An OBGYN,A dentist,and a substitute general practitioner for times when you really necessitate you general practitioner and she's on leave.

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