Are within any anti-anxiety pills that also induce amnesia?

And I'm not talking going on for Valium. That stuff doesn't do a thing for me.

I inevitability to go carry my wisdom teeth taken out, but I enjoy a terrible concern of needles. The dentist is always prescribing me Valium, but it never affects me at adjectives. I've tried taking a big dose, I've tried taking it on an empty stomach, but it a moment ago doesn't have any effect. So I have need of to know if there are any *strong* anti-anxiety pills out in that that will also induce amnesia. That would be the best option for me, but at this point I don't even trouble about the amnesia. I in recent times want something to help alleviate my fears!

Thanks for your backing ^_^

There are stronger medicines than valium that induce amnesia, such as dilotted(sp?) but the dont hold the anti-anxiety effect. You could try taking a strong medicine and couple it beside zanex. good luck.
When I have my wisdom teeth out, I focus they gave me valium though IV. I didn't discern a thing. I ruminate they gave another tablets, too. I felt great for four or six hours after until the drugs wore bad. Let the dentist <hopefully dental surgeon> know that valium doesn't seem to work on you ahead of time. You should be fine. The drugs they supply for surgeries now are so pious.
Discuss your fear of needles <I used to woozy
from needles> in finance too. Don't look when they put the needles in. You can seize
over it.

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