Arachnaphobia. To the extreme?

okay, I have arachnaphobia. I am tremendously very exceedingly scared of spiders. I cant be surrounded by the same room as one. I will start shivvering and capture goosebumps. I cant stnd them. People think im paranoid. Its really scary. If i see a spider, im outa that room for hours (even days). I other check the walls and corners on the cieling!i hate spider movies. Spiders put together me freeze up too! i tried facing my fears by looking at pictures of them, but hen i cant go spinal column on the computer beacuse there is big spiders on the blind! i ths normal? how do I fix it?

I go through this and to a certain extent I still am

When I saw a spider I would hold a panic attack
so unpromising that I could not breath
and I would eventually pass out

we live surrounded by the country side and there are tons of them

what help me did not happen planned
but one day surrounded by our house I saw a tarantula

I had my frenzy attack and stayed at a friends for a week

but the next time I saw a house spider it be not so bad

I sort someone else deal beside them but I know longer pass out

How is your insurance

I own heard of bio-feed-back

first they educate you to relax
some people do not know how to do this all right
so they hook up to heart and breathing monitors
you learn by breathing and controlling your heart tap and breathing

the next step is for them to bring within what you are afraid of
at first it is in impossible to tell apart room as you.

they next will bring it closer and closer

the plus to this is the machines consent to you know if your pulse or breathing is up or you are holding your breath

the other plus is it is not done in your home
so when it is done you can dance back to your go

if you can not get this done

progress to the library or some where else where on earth they have pc's to a friends who is comprehension would be a great place
and do what you did

you may first want to look at cartoon pictures of them
and work your course up

and remember to breath
That's a common phobia. You should try a perfect hypnotist. If that doesn't work, time for the shrink. You don't want to spend your whole lifetime beside this phobia , do you? Didn't think so. Good luck, bud. :) -L
Try this site. Otherwise, see a consultant for help.
yes it is common we all own fears and difficulty confronting them, personally i own a fear of clowns, so its ok to own arachnophobia at least you own tried to confront it headby the side of,and if you have the courage to verbs to take on your nervousness you may just know how to get over it.
Just appease down.
Try to face your foreboding.
Try this get a vacuum cleaner and suck it up!
I promise it'll net you laugh.
I did this and I can efficiently step on a spider with my shoe on.
I still antipathy them, but I don't get as terrified.

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