I took 2 Tylenols for fever and didn't work. Now what can I do?

I dont want to take more and end up getting more sick.

Wait 2 hours then take 2 ibuprofen. Then wait 2 hours, if its still not down, take 2 tylenol. I would say that would be enough. (You can alternate ibuprofen and tylenol safely, with 2 preferably 4 hours between each dose. no more than a total of 1600-2400mg of ibuprofen a day and I think the max for tylenol is 4000mg, but that I'm not 100% sure.) Rest, cool soaks, that sort of thing can help, too. call your Dr in the morning first thing.
drink a hot cup of tea and go lay down
YOu can take ibruprofin 2 hrs after you take the tylenol.
Wait the 4 hrs and then try Advil. Really though if your fever is 101 or under you should leave it alone unless you have other symptoms.
Take a cool bath...My son used to call them swimming pool baths.That will cool you down.
k.i don't wanna scare u, but here...;
my friends mom had a high fever last week. they took her to the doctor; and he said it was a normal fever, and he told her to take some tylenol and rest......the next day;she died. she ACTUALLY had a brain fever, but they didn't check for it; so the tylenol made it worse.GO TO THE DOCTOR AND ASK FOR A BRAIN FEVER CHECK!!GOOD LUCK!! I'LL PRAY FORM MY SIDE FOR U TO REGAIN UR HEALTH!!!BI!!GOOD LUCK!!

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