Always re-checking everything I do?

Does anyone else have to other re-check everything they do? I am always re-checking everything I do, and so how could I stop doing this? I other have to re-check my alarm clock, and on my test whenever I answer a problem, I have to progress back and re-check it something like four times. It's like a way to re-check everything about four times beside my alarm clock, my tests, doors one locked, what I write, the lights being rotten, and a lot of other stuff, but I can never seem to be to stop.

it sounds like passionate compulsive disorder. I used to do that, but not really bad. But I'd check everything to produce sure it was sour before I moved out the house, make it to the door, after have to jump back and check. Maybe I a short time ago had a discouraging memory. That was years ago and immediately I don't do that. Too bad too cuz I locked my key in the motor the other day. If I would own checked to make sure I have my keys I might not own. But it can be a dangerous problem so don't run it too lightly besides, you'll touch better if you get some oblige from a professional
It sounds like a form of aficionado compulsive disorder (OCD).
ur like that. DOnt verbs.
You are normal
OCD Disorder this is a Chemical Imbalance. Wellbutrin is the best medication for this.

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