Am i a sex adict (mature answers with the sole purpose please)?

Im a 20 year old virgin and i masterbate over porn in the region of 2, 3 or 4 times a day iv'e tryed to stop but no luck and one of my former girlfriend's dumped me bacause i didnt stop discussion about sex.
Am i adicted and if so what do i do because i dont want to be a sex adict

Cut pay for on looking at the porn and you will masterbate less. Try to see women as intelligent human beings, and you will own better luck finding a girlfriend.
no. u just want it to fruitless. wait til the right moment. if u dont, ull spoil it.
youre gunna hold to have sex step now!! use protection
Ah...once you certainly have sex and realize that it's not that big of a matter, you'll stop talking something like it all the time. Also, please don't have a sneaking suspicion that that anything that happens surrounded by the porn has any cause in actuality. Do not expect sex to be like the pornos (assuming you see movies.) It's not. I've found that most people I know speech more about it when they're not getting it.
You can't be a sex user if you've never had sex, you could be a porn user though. By the way, I meditate all the porn you are watching will engender your expectations about sex too soaring, I think when you in actual fact do have sex you will be disappointed.
I'm not expert but at hand are people and resources for helping culture in your position. There are psychoanalyst to talk to nearly WHY you do this, how it impacts your natural life, and get you on a footprints to recovering to a healthy sexual vivacity.

Heres a link

God bless
uhhh you cant be a sex addicit near out having sex, your call a horny virgin. find a girl be mature and not discussion about sex every 10 mins and evently you'll draw from laid. then evently you'll bestow up on porn. hopefully get into a relationship next you will have sex everyday.
Actually you can overcome this addiction by trying to put your mind at stable condition,IE;preserve away from seeing porn movies all time and also see more untaught movies instead.
Find a girl that is as addicted as you..

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