A ask roughly Heroine?

Im trying to understand what type of glorious users get when they smoke, inject heroine. Is it a sedating effect or is it kinda approaching a buzz high approaching cocaine? Ive heard that abundant pills like oxycotton pills and (roxy's?) afford users generally like peas in a pod effect as heroine. Does anyone know? Oh, and if your not going to answer my question. DONT LEAVE AN ANSWER.

LOL you are funny.partially *** remedial english school surrounded by a ghetto.. that was awesome.
I'd resembling to know how it feels also. I've be on oxycontin before and I be shaky as HELL!! So if its really sedating then I would suggest maybe close to, take two blue xanax's and that would be plenty sedation for me lol. that **** is like heroin if you carry xanax bars
its similar to a tranquilizer....and makes you sick sick sick.

No fun.
Heroin blocks receptors within your brain. Most users once they have ingested it nod off(called nodding).they resembling that aspect. Not me If I was going to spend my money I would want a true rush. Any opening heroin is a narcotic and yes the others imitate the effects. However it is significantly addictive physically and most regular users get legitimate sick when they try to kick that dependence. Also very expensive and your dependence will go up with alacrity so unless you have more money than you know what to do near I would not mess with it. Hell even if you did hold more money than you knew what to do beside it would be gone quickly as powerfully.
"Heroine" is a woman noted for courage and daring feat...

I believe your question may be within reference to "heroin"?

Time for you to jump back to Remedial English... they never should own let you out...

Hope this help and Good Luck!...

Sounds like you want to be a "Heroine"...
I haven't used it directly but know ethnic group that have...
It's a downer and cause you to black out...

A friend of mine who lived near me (b4 I realized she be on heroin) would fall asleep excitedly. I remember I came home one time to her slumped over the toilet next to a bristle brush one hand and her manager almost in the toilet. I must enjoy gone through 10 keyboards from her falling asleep with drinks and bowels of cereal and spillin on the the ivories.

doesn't sound close to fun to me, ill stick to the occasionally blunt thank you :)
Heroin - otherwise agreed as diacetylmorphine.
Chemical formula: C21H23NO5

Like any opiate/opioid, heroin mimics natural chemical contained by the body (endorphins and enkephalins). This creates the pleasurable "high" feeling. Heroin is not close to cocaine, which is an "upper". Heroin has much more of a sedating and euphoric effect.

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