A grill almost my mom's sickness?

My mom is sick.There was mold growing surrounded by her sink pipe.Is that a reason she could be sick.Cause she is alergic to mold.How can mold grow within the sink pipe?

If it is growing in the pipe it can gross her very sick, obtain your landlord to flush the lines or replace them, capture the health dept out to your house and show them...grasp her some help...hope it turns out for you...mold is a murderer. Get some help.
Mold grows anywhere at hand is moisture and especially in metal pipes, most sinks enjoy plastic piping. check to see what her sink has, if it is metal surrounded by the kitchen odds are the bathroom is also. It take a lot of mold to really create someone sick, such as the whole house human being covered in it. Check near her doctor to make sure but I would surely do what I could to alteration out the pipes out if they are not already plastic
Yes , some people can return with extremely sick from mold . Try to get confirmation on the type of mold and enjoy it analyzed . If she hasn't been see by a doctor , she needs to .
dump some lye within there bingo no mold flush resourcefully with cold marine thats what i did
Scrub the pipe the best you can and soak it in bleach, bleach kill mold.

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